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Welcome to SMITECRAFT!
Thank you guys for taking the time to read this! The server is in 0.1 ALPHA! 

Future updates!
0.2 Alpha  (three weeks after release)
- Bug Fixes
- Lag Fixes
- More donations (So we can upgrade)
- More people
- Cleaner Voting
- Bigger Shop
- More Fun
- More Plugins (Fun plugins)
- Some side minigames
- More quest 
- More Adventures!
- Really good builders!
0.3 Alpha (A week after 0.2 Alpha)
- Possibly more staff
- Lag Fixes
- Spigot Update
- Bug Fixes
- More donation addons (UNKNOWN ATM)
0.4 Alpha (Unknown Update Finish)
- More Fun
- More Minigames (Unknown)
- Get Enjin premium (Then put a shop on here, it's cheaper than getting minecraft)

Remember that we are a new server! 
I really hope you guys love the server and have fun!
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